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Lounges & Nightlife
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Cairo Jazz Club

If you appreciate jazz and want to explore some live Jazz music in Cairo, the best place to visit is the Cairo Jazz Club. This is one of Cairo's ultimate live music clubs. Go through the artistic journey of Cairo Jazz Club’s interior design through the exceptional work of Amr Qenawi’s work. The unique illustrations and original print work are worth tons of appreciation. If you are lucky enough, you can watch international artists play along with the country's top bands, like Wust El Balad, The Riff Band, and Screwdriver. Cairo Jazz Club organizes fresh new events daily and has a fantastic menu of beverages and food to meet hunger.

Vintage Bar & Lounge

Located in Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel, the Vintage Bar & Lounge is one of Cairo's most visited bars. It has a wide range of collections from Canadian, Irish, and Egyptian Whiskey to Rum, Vodka, Gin, and Tequila. There are innumerable wine, beer, sangria, and cocktail choices to spend a happy evening in Cairo. Experience the relaxed ambience of the bar with your friends and savour the best tacos, Nigiri Sushi, and sandwiches here.



This high-class cocktail lounge offers one of the most premium drinking experiences in Cairo, from its luxurious decor to its top-quality drinks selection, all with a chilled yet festive atmosphere. Located in New Cairo’s Swanlake Compound, among its water features and green spaces, and part of the Baky Hospitality Group, that also includes Cairo’s acclaimed Sachi restaurant, Shinko draws on classics from the group, as well as offering plenty of its own, through an extensive menu divided into various sections.  The setting for this top-end drinks selection is a rich and warm room, with dark greens and abundant wood, as well as marble surfaces and a well-lit bar area.


TheL’Aubergine is another long-time heavy hitter in the Cairo bar scene. What’s awesome about them is they also serve great food, so it’s a good option if you want to kick back with a beer but also want some food in your system (we personally recommend the chicken teriyaki, but that’s just us).

Another thing we love about L’Aubergine is the casual-ness of it -- you don’t need to worry about suffering the night away in heels or dressing to impress.


Stage One Lounge & Bar

Stage One Lounge & Bar is located at the Hilton Conrad Hotel in Cairo and is the go-to bar for all travellers. The view of the rooftop of Cairo city and the Nile River is astounding. To add to the entertainment, live DJ nights are organized on Mondays and Tuesdays, Darabokaou or the oriental-themed nights on Wednesdays, and fully packed weekends. Stage One serves the most impressive cocktails like the Desert Grapes, a gin cocktail, or the Bright Skies & Sunny Days, a combination of gold rum and other elements. 

Opia Lounge & Bar

The contemporary-style Opia Lounge & Bar is located on the 36th floor of the Ramses Hilton and provides the best view of the mighty Nile and the city lights. The trendy look and the playful ambience of the place get even better with live music and a fun crowd. This is a perfect place to enjoy local and homemade infusions like Khan El Khalili, a combination of whiskey, rosemary, fig, and honey, and the Chunky Summer, an unforgettable combination of retro-inspired vodka tea. Mesmerizing cocktails like Old Fashioned Mai Tai and Ouzo Sour are a must-try. 

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